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There’s Smoke Coming From My Heat Pump! What’s Wrong?

Don’t have a second thought; it is dangerous. You do not want to see smoke emanating from any mechanical appliances. It typically means the equipment has caught fire, which is a significant problem. Customers with heat pumps frequently ask us the above question, especially when the weather is nice and cold, temperatures below freezing and their heat pump has broken down. Don’t be alarmed if you see what seems to be smoke coming from your heat pump while it’s chilly outside; it is typically operating. We will be pleased to catch you before it is too late. Although we can not promise your heat pump would not catch fire or spew smoke, we believe the claims of heating repair Burbank with accuracy that what is going on is common and not hazardous.

  1. Can a Heat Pump Catch Fire?
    Yes, technically, it is possible. It’s an electromechanical appliance with strong motors, and every piece of equipment carries the risk of an electrical fire. However, if you haven’t gone into the machine and attempted a DIY repair, the chances of a fire beginning are quite minimal. It is why, even if your heating system is an electrical system like a heat pump, we always recommend hiring Burbank Heating Service specialists solely for critical repairs.

  2. The Defrost Cycle of the Heat Pump
    The defrosting mode can be why the heat pump is emitting steam. Heat pumps work better in freezing conditions than ever before because of advancements in heat pump technology. However, switching to a heat pump necessitates a few changes. Please do not be alarmed if you see what appears to be smoke coming from the heat pump’s exterior cabinet; it is how the heat pump is supposed to work.

  3. That’s Steam Coming from the Heat Pump, Not Smoke
    In heating mode, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant. The evaporation causes moisture to accumulate on the coils, which turns into frost if the temperature outside is really cold. The heat pump reverses the refrigerant flow for a brief period, allowing the outside coils to release heat—just enough to melt the ice. It is what causes the steam to rise from the unit. When the heat pump returns to ordinary heating mode, it will turn off. Steam is exhausted as the ice melts off the heat pump’s exterior coils. So, the smoke is coming from the heat pump’s external cabinet. It may appear to be smoke, but it is merely water vapour. Your heat pump is definitely operating normally.

  4. Heat Pump Troubles? We Can help!
    Concerned that your heat pump would not operate the coming winter correctly? Our heat pump repair in Calabasas crew can provide the heating repair your system requires.

Is it possible that the heat pump will produce smoke? Yes, but it is an uncommon occurrence. It might be a sign of a motor failure. Call a heat pump repair in Calabasas. MGAM Construction Inc. is the best company to contact if you notice real smoke coming from the heat pump. We have technicians on call in the event of an emergency. Also, if you want any heating repair, we will sort you out.