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Furnace Installation: What to Expect?

Your furnace might be needing something other than a heating repair this winter. Getting through the requisite knowledge beforehand will familiarize you with what to expect during a furnace installation and hunting the flaws while performing it. 


  • A complete load calculation, size of windows, insulation, and every influential consideration must be given due diligence. You should thoroughly discuss these measurements with the sales representative. 
  • Your ductwork should stand the airflow of the new system. It is significant for the seamless supply from the furnace to air ducts and back to support the blower.  
  • Check the setup of gas lines and electrical wiring for a proper installation procedure. They might have worn out with the previous furnace and, hence, not equipped with the potential to run a new system. 
  • It would be great if you asked the sales representative about the idea of changing the accessories or using the existing ones. 

During the Installation 

  • On the day of the installation, there is more in the plate to be undone before doing the needful. 
  • Your installer service providers should be telling you everything you need or might not need to know about your new winter partner. 
  • They must double-check all the data you shared with the sales representative to select your furnace. 

Safety Checks

  • The service providers should stand on equal grounds of safety simultaneously. Before starting anything, they should be putting floor coverings on the concerned area for your protection. 
  • Other essential safety checks consist of shutting off any other electric appliance running near the furnace, shutting off gas or fuel lines, checking the power switch, electricity flow, and strength required to run the heater. 
  • A single person can also carry out the same job with an extended time, but a partner can best handle sharp and fragile pieces of equipment. It is advisable to call the service providers of Furnace Service Calabasas CA in a duo. 
  • Also, from the safety viewpoint, there are fewer chances of accidents and negligence.

Removing the Old Heater

  • The installation persons will detach vents, ducts, gas lines, electrical wirings, and every connected unit. 
  • It is followed by cleaning under the unit, cleaning the duct openings, evaporator coil, and the rest of the possible spots, and making it ready for the new setup.

Installation of the New Heater 

  • Now all the entirely technical work needs to be done. 
  • The expert will adjust all the attachments according to the size and structure of the new appliance. 
  • Installers will be working on electrical tools, adjusting the metal bodies and the accessories.


  • The last step is an ethical evaluation of the furnace by the installation team to ensure ventilation, electrical flow, safety checks, and, most importantly, heating efficiency. 
  • The whole protocol is attained by scheduling a reminder for furnace repair Calabasas
  • Though you do not need them at such an early stage, placing a remainder during installation works best in the customer’s favor. 

We at MGAM Construction Inc. are here to help you out by sharing the weight of your heavy furnace installation. Call us at (818) 652-7282 to know more.