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Ductless HVAC Services in Encino, CA

Ductless HVAC Services in Encino, and Surrounding Areas

If your HVAC unit is old and causing you problems, HVAC replacement is the only way to solve the problem. People are increasingly opting for a completely ductless system. A ductless system efficiently achieves a temperature balance between your home and the outside temperature. It can be used for cooling as well as for heating the building. It keeps your home warm in the winter, and in the summer, it keeps it cool.

1. What Exactly is a Ductless System?

  • A ductless system is not reliant on any ductwork. An outdoor condenser that connects to the refrigerant lines installed throughout the rooms is one of the components of a ductless system. 
  • During the summer, these refrigerants pull the heat out of your home and replace it with cool air. It works opposite in the winter and keeps your home warm.  
  • Get the best at-door ductless HVAC services in Burbank by contacting us for ductless air and heating installation.

2. The Following are Some Potential Ductless Mini Split Repair Issues:

Drainage Issues

No flow through the drainage conduit and possibly seepage on the walls are signs of improper drainage. This is usually due to a pipe blockage frequently caused by molds. The most common problem with mini-split air conditioners is faulty drainage.

The Air Conditioner Will Not Turn On

Check the plugs, remote batteries, and electric supply in nearby sockets if your mini-split won’t turn on. Replace the batteries if they are not in good working order. Contact a mini-split air conditioner installation and maintenance expert if the problem persists.

The Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises

Mini-split air conditioners are not noisy machines. It’s possible that the AC is defrosting or the split’s plastic casing is contracting or expanding if you hear clicking or gurgling. Having a professional examine the noise, on the other hand, is always a good idea.

There is No Hot or Cold Air

The lack of hot or cold air could be caused by several issues, including faulty, insufficient refrigerant, refrigerant leaks, or faulty sensors. If you’re having problems with your mini-split, contact us immediately to have it serviced by trained professionals.

The Air Conditioner isn't Dehumidifying

Mini-split air conditioners are fantastic at removing moisture from a room. However, a few issues may arise that prevent you from using this feature of your ductless air conditioner. A common cause of no dehumidification is an obstruction in the drainage conduit.

Presence of Smell

When you turn on your mini-split, a foul odor, or any odor for that matter, comes out; it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Fishy, vinegary, musty, or sour are a few common odors you might encounter. A musty odor indicates mold growth, a fishy odor indicates a leak or electrical problem, and a vinegar or fruity odor indicates a refrigerant leak. Don’t stray any longer; contact us for a comprehensive solution to the problem.


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