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15 AC Problems That Homeowners Witness & Their Solutions

If you have an air conditioner at home, you may have already faced several AC-related problems. You can opt for a professional air conditioner service in Burbank.

15 AC Problems at Home and Their Solutions

Dirty air filters: Air filters are essential to the system and gather dirt and dust over time. You can clear these filters on your own. However, if the problems appear deep-rooted, you can call for an expert AC repair in Burbank.

Clogged condenser coils: The condenser unit is a part of the outdoor structure of your AC system. These condenser coils attract dirt and dust. To clean this unit, you can use a low-powered water hose.

Malfunctioned thermostat: In many cases, the thermostat becomes inoperative. It fails to follow the instructions provided by you. In such a situation, it would be best to consult a professional AC Company Burbank.

Indoor water leakage: Indoor water leakage indicates an overflowing water pan on your AC. Look for clogged water pipes and drains. Clean them up as early as possible. You may not need expert help in this case.

Outdoor water leakage: Outdoor water malfunctions point to the broken water pan, bad AC seal, improper installation, etc. It would be best to contact Burbank’s AC repair service provider.

Refrigerant leak: The occurrence of refrigerant leaks is quite a common issue in air conditioners. It can happen due to low refrigerant levels or leaks in the evaporator pipe. A minor leak can be fixed by refueling the refrigerant, and for a major issue, contact an expert.

AC blowing warm air: It is quite the opposite of what an AC should do. Warm air means dirty air filters or clogged ducts. It is essential to clean those parts before the issue escalates.

The AC fan is not working: An AC fan helps to circulate air across your room and blow the warm air outside. Loose wiring can lead to fans not working; inspect the outdoor unit.

AC short cycling: AC short cycling has become a common issue nowadays. It is an internal matter of the AC. It is better to call for an expert AC repair in Burbank to address this problem.

Leaking ducts: Leaking ducts can cause you to discomfort in terms of air quality. You should contact a professional HVAC service to address this immediately.

Bad odor from the AC: A bad odor indicates that some part of your AC has stopped working. It can be mold growth or burnt wire. Call an AC expert.

Blown capacitor: If your AC is turning itself off and on continuously, it could be a case of a blown capacitor. Contact an air conditioner service in Burbank to repair this.

Low airflow: Low airflow from your AC unit means the fan is not working at its highest capacity. Consult a professional technician to solve this problem.

Compressor failure: When the compressor fails, you may notice a significant change in your AC. An expert in AC repair in Burbank can change the compressor.

Unusual noise from the AC: It can happen due to a broken fan or frozen evaporator coils, etc. Whatever the issue may be, inspect your unit thoroughly.

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