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4 Common Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

Most of us have an air conditioner system at home to beat the blazing heat of summer. With comfort comes the responsibility of taking care of the HVAC unit.

If you fail to be attentive to your AC, it will develop several complications over time, and you will be forced to call for an Air Conditioning Service Calabasas.

Four Common Reasons Why Your AC is Not Cooling and What You Can Do About It

Misfiring air conditioners can lead to major repairs or even replacement. In this blog, let us acquaint you with four air conditioning complications in our daily life.

  • The filters are blocked: If the AC regularly runs in your house, you may clog the air filters with dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, etc. When the air filters get clogged, the airflow will be affected due to restriction. As a result, you will notice how your AC keeps failing to provide quality indoor air. Air filters are easy to clean. It is suggested that you keep changing the filter after every season. Alternatively, you can call a professional AC Repair Calabasas.

  • Uneven AC installation: To provide cooling in every corner of your house, you must install the HVAC system at the appropriate location in your house, and the ductwork must be balanced. Any top air conditioning repair in Calabasas will tell you the same. Connect with your reliable AC repair service provider in Calabasas to address this issue. Only expert technicians can understand the problem and provide you with a solution accordingly.

  • Leaking refrigerant: Refrigerant is why your room gets several degrees below the outside temperature. It is a compound liquid that transforms warm air into cool air. As a professional AC Repair Calabasas, we want to take notice of the following signs to understand the leaking refrigerant problem:

  • Icing problems on the refrigerant line.
  • Noise like hissing or bubbling coming from your AC unit.
  • Your AC fails to cool down your house during the daytime but works fine at night.

If you notice any of these signs, you should not be late to call your nearest AC repair service in Calabasas.

  • Problem with the thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for adjusting the temperature in your room. If you mismanage the thermostat setting, it will not work at its full potential. Problems with the thermostat can have an impact on the functioning of the AC as well.

The best solution to deal with this issue is to replace the thermostat with the help of Calabasas’s air conditioning repair service. Alternatively, you can try changing the batteries and setting the thermostat to the cold option.