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Air Conditioner Running But Not Lowering Temperature?

In Calabasas, millions rely on cooling systems to survive the summer and homeowners are preparing to deal with rising temperatures as summer progresses. Some are dealing with AC repairs and system issues, while others are buying new AC units, tuning up their systems, and performing maintenance.

The most common air conditioning problem is an air conditioner that does not cool.

If your air conditioner runs but doesn’t lower the temperature, you may be confused and frustrated. Contact a professional in Calabasas Air Conditioning Repair to learn more about why this is happening.

Reasons for the Air Conditioner Malfunctioning

Clogged Filter : When you experience cooling problems, always check the HVAC system’s filter first. Clogged filters cause many performance problems. You should power off your system before checking it. Once the filter is removed, check it out. Follow the next troubleshooting tip if everything checks out and the filter looks clean.

Blocked Condenser : To exhaust heat, the condenser (the outdoor unit) of an AC must be clear on all sides. The air conditioner can’t cool down its refrigerant low enough if its condenser is blocked or excessively dirty. You may have a blocked or clogged coil if the AC doesn’t cool when the system is on. In addition to grass, dirt, and other contaminants, this equipment can be contaminated by a wide variety of debris. It can lead to a serious clog, which can cause the system to malfunction. Check the condenser for debris and clean it if your unit is blowing warm air instead of cold.

Thermostat Malfunction : The thermostat should not be fiddled with, as I mentioned just now. However, the thermostat could be the problem. When the thermostat is miscalibrated, the air conditioner might shut off early. It will need to be repaired by a technician, so it is advised against tampering with the thermostat. Whenever the thermostat is set to off, change it to heat before changing it back to cool. Check your registers for cold air blowing when you hear the cooling unit kick. It is a good sign if you feel cold!

Loss of Refrigerant : Leaks along refrigerant lines pose a serious risk. As the AC loses refrigerant, its cooling power decreases-and worse problems are ahead, such as a potentially damaged compressor. As soon as possible, it should be fixed by a professional for AC repair in Calabasas. When you have a refrigerant leak, your system can perform poorly and even shut down. You should consult a dependable HVAC technician for assistance in checking and fixing refrigerant issues. Your refrigerant levels can easily be checked and adjusted by them.


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