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Why Is Your Furnace So Unbearably Noisy?

Noise may signify a much more serious issue or damage to the appliance. It is no different for a furnace appliance. Numerous parts in your furnace device can produce noises, and each does it uniquely. To resolve the problem, it is necessary to identify the sound’s origin if your furnace generates loud, odd noises.

Therefore, it is important never to ignore noises coming from the furnace. However, despite your best efforts, it would be difficult to ignore the sounds because they are often loud. When this happens, it is necessary to call professionals for Calabasas heating repair services to ensure your furnace runs effectively without making excessive noise.

Why Does The Furnace Make So Much Sound?

Here are some reasons your furnace appliance is making excessive noise.

  • Faulty Pump Motor

When you switch on your furnace, the blower motor’s rollers or the blower motor itself might be the reason to blame if you hear loud shrieking and rattling noises.

The blower motor forces warm air from your furnace through your home’s ventilation ducts. So to maintain performance and operation over time, the blower motor requires routine lubrication.

  • Blower Belt Damage

If your heater has a belt-driven engine, a screeching or similar sound may result from the blower belt becoming loose. Dry shaft rollers and other moving parts are another potential cause of screeching noises.

A qualified expert lubricates moving furnace parts twice a year and tune-ups to keep your furnace operating at top efficiency all winter. Your blower belt will eventually require adjusting or replacement. While you can adjust the fan belt yourself, you should never try to repair or replace a broken blower belt on your own.

  • Blower Wheel

A loud clanking or scratching sound, often known as a metal-on-metal sound, denotes an issue with the furnace’s blower wheel. Most likely, the blower fan might be loose and have banged against the blower house, causing noise. A professional HVAC specialist will help you address a metal-scraping sound as soon as possible.

Turn off your furnace appliance as soon as you hear a metal-on-metal sound, and call a licensed HVAC professional for a thorough system assessment. If you hear loud scraping or metal-on-metal noises, stop using your furnace.

  • Dirty Burners

When you switch on your furnace, you can hear a loud noise if your furnace’s burners are not cleaned. Dirty burners might prove to be hazardous. Therefore, annual checks and cleanings will prevent this issue. The furnace’s burners are thoroughly checked and cleaned during a tune-up.

An imbalanced air-to-fuel ratio is the other factor that contributes to loud booms or bangs that resound throughout the house. Your furnace requires the right air and gas to operate properly and effectively. Gas can build up if there is too much air and not enough gas.

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