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Why Does Your Air Conditioner Keep Shutting Off? How Can You Fix It?

Typically, an air conditioning device will cycle on and off 5-8 times every hour to keep your home at a suitable temperature. However, it is a common issue if an air conditioner keeps turning ON and OFF, commonly known as short cycling. This short cycling issue puts excessive strain on your cooling device, potentially resulting in problematic issues or untimely device replacement. Whatever the problem, Calabasas Air Conditioning Service is here to help.

What Causes an Air Conditioning Device to Keep Shutting Off?

Here are some potential components to blame if your cooling device keeps shutting off constantly:

Air Filters

The heat exchanger in your air conditioning device demands a constant stream of air to cool. The heat exchanger device will overheat if the airflow is restricted, inducing the security shutdown. Moreover, if you do not clean or change the air filters in the heat exchanger regularly, it may become obstructed, reducing airflow. 

So to stop the air conditioner from becoming too hot, a safety system shuts it off. Thus, to keep your air conditioner from short cycling, it is better to clean and change the air filters every three months.


The thermostat serves as the control hub for your air conditioner system, and it tells the cooling device how to operate and for how long. So when your cooling unit keeps shutting off, check that the thermostat is set to cool and auto fan, and the correct temperature is shown on the screen. 

Next, you must replace the batteries and check what happens. Likewise, ensure the thermostat never remains exposed to direct sunlight or sits too near a heat source, impacting the temperature reading. However, if these DIY tips do not work out for you, you must contact an AC repair professional.

Size of Your Air Conditioner

Everything big may not necessarily be useful. A massive air conditioning system quickly cools your house, causing short cycles and discomfiting temperature swings. This short-cycle routine will not provide the level of home comfort you want, and it will also be challenging on your machine. Installing a new cooling device is the only method to fix this problem.

Flame Detector

The flame detector in your air conditioning device is a security feature that shuts off your AC if no flames are seen, saving you from potentially dangerous carbon emissions. Even if your air conditioner functions adequately, it will not notice flames if the flame detector is covered with soot or rust. As a result, the flame sensor turns the air conditioner off.

Air Vents

Obstructed or dirt-filled air filters are not the only aspect that might suppress airflow and cause your air conditioner to overheat. Check for sealed or obstructed air vents as you walk around your home, as they might also be a reason behind your AC shutting off. Moreover, to rectify this situation, keep all vent registers open, even in idle spaces, for appropriate system equilibrium and efficiency.


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