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What Your Electrician Looks For During an Electrical Inspection

What Does Your Electrician Look For During an Electrical Inspection?

Electrical safety inspections should be performed regularly. Individually owned homes must be inspected every ten years, whereas rental properties must be inspected every five years. For properties at least 40 years old, the intervals may be significantly smaller.

However, most of the time, people neglect electrical issues quite easily. Sometimes, homeowners are unaware that they need an electrical inspection. Minor electrical issues can transform into huge dangers. Therefore, you must plan an electrical inspection in the below-given scenarios

  • Newly purchased home.
  • If you are facing problems with your circuit breaker.
  • If you have never planned an electrical inspection for your place.

What do Electricians do during the Procedure of Electrical Inspection?

They usually check the below-given things during an electrical inspection:

  • Inspection of the electrical system: The electrician Burbank examines the electric meter for any flaws.

It’s not just a matter of double-checking that the wattage meter is set to the correct value. Electricians also check if the meter is correctly fitted and if its mechanisms have been affected due to wear out. They search for rust or other signs of water damage in particular, as water might seep from the meter.

  • They examine the circuit breaker’s capacity: Maintaining electrical safety necessitates checking whether the circuit breaker is operational and whether the circuit is at risk of overload. Electricians would first check to see if the breaker can keep currents at a safe level. They would, however, check for water damage, corrosion, or other structural and mechanical issues that could lead to sparks or fire.
  • They look for fraying or damage in electrical lines: Fraying wires are wires that have popped out of their protective covering, wires that are dangling from ceilings or walls, and wires that have been exposed to humid regions are all things that electricians keep an eye out for. They leave no space unchecked in this process — electricians would inspect everything from wire encased in plain sight.

If you find any damaged wire inside your home, immediately plan electrical services in Burbank to mitigate the risk.

  • They make sure that GFCI outlets are properly installed: Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, are devices that are mounted on outlets to cut off power if the GFCI detects anomalies. Water or moisture in the outlet and things other than plugs are examples of these abnormalities. GFCIs are critical for home security, and electricians double-check that they are working efficiently.
  • Inspection of carbon monoxide and smoke detector: Apart from these, they also inspect your home’s carbon monoxide and smoke detector. They check the location and functioning to ensure whether the device can detect smoke and carbon monoxide.

After finishing the inspection, the technician can guide you with some tips for the electrical safety of your place.


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