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What Causes A Furnace Not To Restart?

All electrical appliances require proper maintenance and care to continue operating for a long time. However, sudden breakdowns of the system calls for immediate help from professionals. You can contact MGAM Construction Inc for heating repair in Burbank if your system faces any issues.

Causes of Heater Malfunctions

  • A lack of tune-up

    This is among the most frequent reasons for heating system breakdowns. Like dirty air filters, an unclean blower motor can cause system overheating by obstructing airflow through the heat exchanger and exacerbating the problems.
    An unclean flame sensor might also stop the burner from igniting and terminate its operation. The more waste in your system, the more difficult it is for your furnace to operate effectively.

  • Faulty blower capacitor

    A capacitor starts your furnace in response to the thermostat settings. Only certain levels allow for the smooth operation of these devices. You can only start your blower motor if the levels are high enough. The blower won’t be able to revolve at the required speed if the capacitor stops working. 

  • Thermostat issues

    Allowing the heat from your furnace to build up and an incorrectly placed thermostat might result in problems. Moreover, because of this, the new programmable thermostats are made more dependable and simple to maintain.
    Your furnace might operate continuously if your thermostat is broken, reducing its efficiency and increasing energy costs. If you require heating repairs in Burbank contact MGAM Construction Inc for assistance.


  • Low refrigerant levels

    Low refrigerant levels may primarily cause heat strips and high energy costs. Check your refrigerant levels if you discover an exceptionally high number of heat strips. Neglecting the warning indications might result in compressor failure and overheating. Therefore, it is preferable to seek expert assistance to remedy the leaks and replace your damaged compressor.

  • Defective inducer draft motor

    When the gas from combustion has been removed from the heat exchanger, your inducer motor may burn out from overpressure. This calls for a new replacement for your system. See a professional to inspect the flue gas and burner efficiency and identify any other issues.

  • The heat exchanger is not working.

    Your heating system’s effectiveness might gradually decline if your heat exchanger unit is damaged. Although system failure can result from reduced airflow caused by dirt and debris, these signs are not immediately apparent when the issue arises.
    Your appliance may leak carbon monoxide if the heat exchanger is damaged, which calls immediate attention.

  • Inappropriate ductwork

    When you rely on unskilled and inexperienced contractors for ductwork installation, there is a high chance that the installation is inaccurate and might damage the efficiency of your system.
    Poor job at installation will restrict your home’s airflow and lead to overheating due to exhaustion. The only solution is to find an experienced professional and reinstall the ductwork.


Are you experiencing issues with your heating unit? MGAM Construction Inc is here to deal with all your issues regarding heating repair in Burbank and the surrounding areas.

We are certified and trusted in Burbank for impeccable HVAC services and professionalism. Call us to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information.