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Tips for Quality Air Conditioning Installation

Your newly installed air conditioner provides good quality air and a comfortable environment inside your place. It is necessary to get a perfectly installed air conditioning unit to get all these advantages. Following the below-given tips will help your air conditioner run properly and save energy for years.

1. Select the Best HVAC Company

To ensure the perfect air conditioning installation, you should contact the best HVAC company. The AC installation process is a technique-sensitive job that Requires good knowledge of instruments and excellence in installing the unit.

Many things need to be taken care of during AC installation, like correct pressure, correct refrigerant levels, secure mounts, proper voltage, etc. In case of incorrect AC installation, you might need to contact another AC installation in Burbank that sometimes might cost more than the initial one.

2. Check the Energy Efficiency Ratings of your AC

When looking for a brand new air conditioning unit for installation, checking the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and the ENERGY STAR label are extremely important. You can ask about this with your HVAC company when seeking air conditioner service in Burbank. The SEER of your air conditioner should at least be 14 or more for efficient cooling.

3. Choose the correct Size of the AC Unit according to the Space

Before installing the air conditioner, you should inquire with the AC company in Burbank with any questions or concerns, as it will help the technician correctly measure the place’s size for air conditioner installation. Proper functioning and sufficient cooling can only be achieved if the size of the air conditioner is perfect according to the size of the space available.

Small-sized air conditioning units will not be able to provide sufficient cooling. It will also increase the load on the unit. In contrast, too large-sized air conditioners may undergo wear or short cycling. Therefore the size of the air conditioner must be appropriate according to the site.

A few more things need to be taken into consideration during AC installation. Such as, your air conditioning unit should not be exposed to sunlight. Sunlight leads to Increasing the load on your AC, causing excessive energy consumption while working.

Also, an air conditioning unit should never be installed near any heat source, such as gas ovens, stoves, etc. It will help you avoid any damage that may arise while installing the AC unit.

4. Schedule AC Maintenance Services Regularly

To ensure that your air conditioning unit is perfectly installed and effectively working, you may need to schedule air conditioner maintenance services regularly. It will help you avoid unexpected damage to your AC by fixing the minor defects in their initial stage.

Nowadays, scheduling AC maintenance services is pretty easy. You can either make a call on the number of your HVAC company or book online by visiting their official website.


Maintain your air conditioner throughout the year under the guidance of our HVAC experts. Check the official website of MGAM Construction Inc. to get some easy tips for quality air conditioner installation. MGAM Construction Inc. provides various discounts and offers to its clients. We also provide HVAC maintenance packages for regular tune-up services. Call us for brand new AC installation and enjoy the summers.