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The Working Of Central Cooling And Heating System

Ever wonder why the offices and houses you have been in are cool during summer or warm during winters? The answer is that they have to install central HVACs systems to maintain the temperature warm or cold in winters or summer by feeding warm or cold air through duct pipes. 

But, as the process seems simple, it is not as simple as it looks. It requires many different components or electric devices to work together and their maintenance and all.

Working of Central Cooling & Heating System

So we all have ACs in our homes. We turn it on, set the temperature and relax and see that after some time over, home is cool. How did it work? It takes all the heat from your home and sends it outside. It drops your home temperature. To do this, all components of central cooling should work along. 

The central heating system works the same as the central cooling one. However, instead of moving air out, it moves the air inside the premises to a desirable temperature. If anything goes wrong, you can get a professional from Calabasas Heating Repair.

Cooling & Heating Options


  • Mainly central AC is referred for heating and cooling the place. It mainly has two types: Windows AC and split AC. 
  • Window AC consists of 5 elements a thermostat, an outdoor unit (which holds a fan, condenser, and condenser coil), an indoor unit (which contains a fan and evaporator coil), copper tubes that connect the outdoor and indoor units, and ductwork from inside the home. 
  • At the same time, a split one works by cooling the place only.


  • A pipe that leads into your house from the outside connects the gas source with the furnace. After gas from a storage tank (LPG) or the local gas supply network (natural gas) reaches your heater, the burner ignites it. 
  • Next, the heat exchanger heats the cold air that enters through the furnace with the help of burning gas. 
  • The fan directs heated air to different areas of your house, depending on where the thermostats detect the heat demand. 
  • As soon as the thermostat detects that the set temperature has been reached, it closes the gas valve to prevent hot airflow.

Heat Pump

  • They are inverted air conditioners. 
  • Heat pumps can heat and cool by simply reversing the hot and cold coils. 
  • The cold register is reversed, and the heat pump draws in outside air and essentially transports the heat into your home. 
  • Some heat pumps even draw heat from the ground. 

Steps to be Taken Before Installation of a System

  • It would help to get an HVAC technician (like a professional of Furnace Repair Calabasas) to check the system for any issues before installation.  
  • Determine your needs (i.e., cooling or heating)
  • Make sure to discuss everything with the technician to be on the same page.

Do you need to install a central cooling or heating system or need a repair service or maintenance? We at MGAM Construction Inc provide every service you need. Feel free to contact us at (818) 652-7282