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Is It True That It’s Bad To Use Expensive Air Filters In My HVAC?

Air filters are essential for keeping your place clean and breathing fresh air continuously. However, sometimes there is a considerable price disparity in different air filters that can even impact the cost of an Furnace Service Calabasas CA. Moreover, people might also wonder whether it is necessary to purchase the most expensive option. It helps to get some more information regarding this.

Understanding The Purpose of Air Filters:

Air filters in your HVAC device trap particles in the atmosphere and prevents them from blowing out your vents. This aids in the purification of your home’s air by removing allergens such as pollen, soot, smoke, and pet dander. Air filters are essential for everyone, especially those with asthma or respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and hay fever.

Air filters are also useful for people who live in heavily polluted areas because they can eliminate toxic pollutants from the air. Some days have higher pollution levels than others or maybe are hotter than other days. In those days, having a high-quality air filter was especially important.

Why are There So Many Air Filter Options Available?

When it comes to picking an air filter, the options can be overwhelming. You can select from 1-inch, 5-inch, recyclable, washable, electronic, HEPA, and other options. What exactly do all of these choices mean?

Well, let’s start with thickness. The greater the thickness of your air filter, the longer it will last. A 1-inch filter will become obstructed much faster than a four or five-inch filter. Examine the packaging for the manufacturers’ instructions replacement dates. It will give you a reasonable idea of how much a thicker air filter is worth.

What about electronic air filters? The term electronic is a bit misleading. When most people refer to an electronic air filter, they refer to either an air purifier or an electromagnetic air filter.A separate unit that eliminates small particles from your home is known as an air purifier. It can be connected to your HVAC unit, but it is not the same as a filter installed near the exchange inside your central HVAC unit. In addition to an air filter, air filters are an excellent option for superior air quality.

What is The Best Value For Money in Air Filters?

When shopping for air filters, it is essential to consider all your options. Take into account your particular filtration requirements. Do you have shedding, long-haired cats and dogs? Is there anyone in your family who is allergic to the environment? 

While expensive air filters are more efficient, a single person without pets or allergies may not require as much filtration as a family of five with three pets and an asthmatic child. Moreover, it is better to think about how long your air filter will last. Review the air filter label and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing the filter.


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