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How is AC Service Done?

Servicing an AC is a wise investment that keeps your AC in decent condition for years to come. An Air conditioning is one unit but consists of many parts. Hence, the performance of the AC depends on the service of each part.

However, getting your AC serviced only once a year may not help. Your AC passes through different weather and temperature changes. And it remains off during winters and works continuously throughout the summer.

Thus, MGAM Construction Inc. recommends getting your AC serviced at least twice annually.

The Complete Process of AC Servicing

  • Inspection

The technician will carefully examine your AC, filter, condenser, evaporator, compressor, fan, and motor. Then, electrical unit connections and consistency of airflow will be checked.

  • Cleaning

The expert cleans the filters, condenser, evaporator coil, and drain lines as these parts, if filled with debris and dirt, this can be the reason for all AC problems. The technician will clean these, and he may replace the filters if needed.

  • Repair

During diagnosis, if the AC servicing technician finds any fault in any part of your ac, then he will repair it. Problems like lack of refrigerant gas, loose bolts or wiring, thermostat inefficiency will be repaired.

  • Replacement

There can be a damaged or broken part in your ac. Then the repair may not not work, and a replacement has to be done.

The technician will let you know about the problem and the replacement cost. Usually, the old compressor, motor, and insulators need replacement.

The technician has vast knowledge about the functioning of air conditioning. They have sufficient experience. Adhere to their guidelines to experience the best AC performance for a longer time.

After-Effects of Not Getting Your AC Serviced

  • The Unbearable Noise, Smell, and Humidity

Once the condition of your AC starts deteriorating, you will have to tolerate irritating loud sounds, foul odors, and excessive humidity. The airflow will not get filtered, and refrigerants may leak due to clogged parts.

  • Repair After Repair and Higher Electricity Bills

Your ac being deprived of servicing will demand frequent repairs. Due to clogged parts, you will face gas leakage, overheating, and more energy consumption bills due to clogged parts. These all will cause too much burden on your pocket.

  • The Unwanted Replacement

If severe problems continue with your ac, you will have to replace it within a few years of installation.

  • Impact on Health

The toxic components leakage, unfiltered air will negatively affect your health.

AC servicing may seem complicated, but it is not if you take the help of an HVAC expert. MGAM Construction Inc. provides the most reliable and efficient HVAC services and AC repair in Calabasas, Burbank, and the surroundings.

You will never regret appointing us as we are skilled, experienced, trustworthy. At the same time, our services are of top quality and affordable. Contact us for any query related to your HVAC system and air conditioners’ servicing.