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How Do You Know if your AC Filter is Dirty?

Dust particles in the air can take over the filters of your AC which might lead to its poor functioning. To protect the filters, you must clean them regularly. But how do you find out if the filters are dirty?

We can provide you with reliable AC Repair Calabasas. Let us take you through some of the signs that an AC shows when it’s time to clean the filters.

1. The Air is Less Cool Than Usual

In Burbank, the temperature is always on the higher side. Hence, we rely on air conditioners and can easily figure out if the air is cool enough or not. Warm air or less cold air are some of the basic signs of dirty AC filters.

If you come across warm air coming from the AC, you need to get the dirt out of the filters to get a cool breeze. Dirt particles sitting on the filters can reduce the air quality in the room.

2. Higher Cost of Electricity Bill

Dusty filters can put the appliance under more power and demand more electricity to run effectively. Therefore, you might notice the peak cost of your electricity bill. If you find out that the electricity bill has been higher than usual for more than a month, it might be the perfect time to clean your AC filters.

3. Areas Near The AC are Dusty

When your AC filters are not cleaned regularly, the dust particles get layered on the filters. Therefore, you might find dust in the places near the HVAC appliances as some of the dust gets shed off the filters. It is when you might want to wash your filters.
Our AC services provide thorough cleaning of the filters and the vents, and the body of your air conditioner.

4. The HVAC Unit is Heating Up

As the dust gets formed up in layers on the filters, the air flowing from the AC gets blocked. It can pressurize your appliance to pass out cool air forcibly. Hence, the HVAC unit gets heated up. When your air conditioner appliance gets hot quite habitually, it can lead to frequent AC services, which reduces the health of the HVAC system.

5. You Have an Unwelcome Allergy

In case you find yourself sneezing frequently or have skin responses, it may be a sign for you to check your air conditioner’s filters. Clogged filters can invite pollutants from the air since it blocks the pollution inside the rooms. To avoid allergies and protect your health from pollutants, you must get your AC filters washed and sanitized.

Our IAQ (internal air quality) services ensure good quality of air ventilating indoors. The services include air purifiers, ventilation, humidification, dehumidifiers, and filtration.

Those were some of the signs to look after before cleaning the AC filters. You can trust your HVAC appliance with us for its better functioning. The services at our company can guarantee better health for your AC and your loved ones.

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