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How Do I Reset My Heat And Air?

According to our heating repair experts in Calabasas, every homeowner must have basic knowledge about the furnace system so that a minimum troubleshooting process can be done. However, every step in troubleshooting comes with precautions. We must only approach a heating issue that we are aware of.

If you are a homeowner who owns an HVAC system, you must know how to reset your unit before contacting a furnace repair service. It might happen due to constant operation or because the unit is old.

In the event that your furnace or heating system suddenly shuts down, and you require an emergency Heating Service in Burbank, trust MGAM Construction Inc. to solve the issue, promptly and effectively.

Simple Steps To Reset Your System

  • The electricity connection must be off

    Before you approach the problem, remember to turn off the electricity. It is better to stay safe than to invite unnecessary problems. It is the first thing you should do if you find any irregularity, irrespective of whether you can perform the following steps or not.

  • Reset the thermostat

    The thermostat is the heart of a heating system since it manages the temperature distribution across your home. Inspect if the thermostat connects with the heating system. In the case of a programmable thermostat, you can find the option on its screen for reset. Our professional heating repair technician in Calabasas will first ask you to restart the thermostat.

  • Switch off the furnace power

    You must locate the power switch on your furnace. Many systems have a power switch section on the exterior of a metal cabinet that contains the blower unit. Push the switch to the off position and then wait a few minutes to turn it back on.

  • Reset the circuit breakers

    Most heating systems come with two circuit breakers, i.e., one with the air handler and the other with the outdoor unit. It would be best if you located these breakers on your heater. Ensure you turn both switches off and wait for two to three minutes. You should turn the switches back on and check if the furnace is responding. If this doesn’t work,  contact one of our experts for help.
  • Hit the furnace reset button

    Nowadays, furnaces come with reset buttons that become helpful in such conditions. Refer to the furnace manual and locate the reset button. In most cases, the reset button is generally available in the blower unit. Press the button and wait for a minimum of 30 seconds.
    It would be best if you reconnected the power to the furnace. If the system doesn’t start operating again, it clearly indicates that you need professional help.


As a homeowner, you should know these basic steps and never attempt a complicated heating repair on your own. It is better to wait for an expert. Contact MGAM Construction Inc. for the best furnace repair service in Calabasas and neighboring areas.

At MGAM Construction, we value our customers and provide the best quality of service. Our HVAC service is known for its affordable rates and promised quality. Call us at 818-652-7282 for any emergency service.